BREAKING: Cleveland Cavaliers Sends JR Smith To The Liquor Store For More Henny

CLEVELAND – In the craziness that occurred before the NBA Trade Deadline, the Cleveland Cavaliers made a power move that can alter the shape of the Cavaliers energy.

The Cavaliers sent JR Smith to the nearest liquor store in Cleveland right by Energy Field, the home of the Cleveland Browns, for more Henny. Hennessey, first made famous by hip hop then revitalized in importance thanks to Harvey J, has been a crucial component to any athlete’s performance.

Josh Gordon, wide receiver of the Browns used to drink along with smoke before his games. JR wasn’t really surprised by the trade stating that “he was going somewhere where he can fully utilize his abilities on and off the court”. When asked if he would do a cooking video with Harvey J, JR declined to answer on that topic.


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