Are You On A Diet? “I Lost 250 Pounds Thanks To Crystal Meth” Says Former Obese Man



Rocktown, OH – A 22-year-old man suffering from morbid obesity has found an extreme solution to overcome his weight problems.

After being diagnosed morbidly obese by his physician last December, Adrian Pouliot decided he needed to change his lifestyle.

“My doctor told me that if I continued to neglect my health, at this rate I’d have good chances of suffering a heart attack in my mid-30’s and probably be dead by 40”. “It was a real wake up call” he adds, visibly shaken.

– Adrian Pouliot

“The greatest thing is that I don’t have to change my eating habits. I can eat as much as I want or whatever I want, but when I smoke crystal meth, I will sometimes go for days without eating. I call it the miracle diet” he acknowledges with pride.

“It sounds weird to say, but I really owe everything to my drug dealer. He’s the one that told me about crystal meth and how you can lose a lot of weight by smoking the shit. I will be eternally grateful,” he adds with honesty.


Adrian Pouliot’s physician, Jeremy Finns, does not encourage the use of crystal meth but admits he can’t dismiss the “fantastic weight loss” his patient has experienced in the last 7 months

Adrian Pouliot’s physician, Dr. Jeremy Finns of the Columbus Medical Center, warns that taking crystal meth has serious side effects and can cause great damage to the body.

“Adrian has always been honest with me about his drug use, and even though I condone the use of such drugs, I can’t lie to myself by not acknowledging the fantastic progress he’s made in these last months” he explains.

“We’ve tried many diets to help him curb down his heavy eating habits but he eventually always abandoned his new regimes. The only thing he’s been constant with is crystal meth” he admits.

A 2015 study from the Chicago Institute of Medical Research estimates that among young addicts, 30 percent use the drug, which is a powerful appetite suppressant and allows people to function for days without needing to eat, in part because of its weight loss effects.


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