Prankster Shaves The Weeknd’s Head Bald At Party While Passed Out! (Snapchat Pics!)



TORONTO – Singer ‘The Weeknd’, real name Abel Tesfaye is known for his dark and sexual themed music. Another thing The Weeknd is known for is his crazy Basquiat-like hair style—or shall we say WAS known.

Reports are circulating that while Abel attended a party in his hometown Toronto, a random party-goer, equipped with scissors and a hair clipper, completely shaved off The Weeknd’s iconic hair as he was passed out from drinking too much liquor. Another party-goer managed to snapchat the scene as The Weeknd was being told his head was shaved.

Expressing a face of pure shock in the snapchat. See snapchat photos below:


The Weeknd woke up screaming “I can’t feel my dreads” and could not believe it he was in total shock. Somehow nobody noticed the man shaving the Weeknd’s head until after he was done, at that point the man escaped into the night. There are theories that The Weeknd also lost his ability to sing after losing his hair, similar to the biblical story of Samson, who loses his immense physical strength after having his hair shaved off.

The Weenkd drunk tweeted his rage after realizing someone shaved his head, but the tweet was later deleted, but not before we were able to take a screenshot of the tweet, see tweet below:

Will the Weeknd hibernate for months until his hair grows back to normal? Do you also think he lost his singing ability? For future updates, subscribe to for email notifications.



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