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  • Congress Has Authorized Police Officers To Shoot And Kill Suspicious Clowns


    Nationwide – After the mysterious nationwide apparition of clowns, a new law has been passed by congress to authorize police officers, to shoot and kill any malicious clown they see alone in the streets. Hundreds of clowns have been appearing across the nation, many of them threatening children and adults, chasing them. Many incidents have…

  • Woman Mistaken As Frightening Clown Shot And Killed At Walmart Parking Lot


    OKLAHOMA – A 32 year-old woman identified as Patrica Perez was shot and killed early Tuesday in the parking lot of a Walmart in Oklahoma City, according to police. She was shot by frightened David Bowie who felt Patricia Perez was a mischievous clown breaking into cars. Police say the victim was walking to her…

  • Fort Wayne Man Dressed As Clown Shot In Head; Condition Critical


    FORT WAYNE, INDIANA – A man dressed as a clown was shot on the city’s south side midday Sunday. The shooting was reported just after 10:30 p.m. Sunday at 4801 Plaza Dr. Fort Wayne police were called just after 10:30 p.m. Sunday to an address at 4701 Plaza Dr., near Standish Street just south of…