Several Dallas Schools On Lockdown Due To “Clowns” Making Terrorist Threats



DALLAS, TEXAS – These clowns ain’t clownin’ around. These killer clown sightings and attacks are getting out of hand! Threats to local DISD schools have been made and some are even on lockdown with tight security.

Cops across the country are receiving reports of clowns terrorizing people, luring kids into woods and chasing people into their homes.

And now, the clown phenomenon has found its way into schools– including right here in DFW.

DISD beefed up security Monday morning after a Facebook group called “Ain’t Clownin’ Around” made terrorist threats against teachers and students.

A school district in Ohio went as far as shutting down all schools after a clown attacked a lady.

And things have gotten so crazy, a Virginia mom even had to warn the public that a viral picture of a clown cruising around shotgun in a car was actually her autistic son!

Is it just us or — is all this clown talk turning into one big media circus?

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